Storm winding down! What a whopper! What is up next?

I am somewhere around 22 to 25 inches here in Sterling. Light snow will end in the next few hours. Travel is terrible! The snow is so deep and uniform that it is had to distinguish the road from the median. My friend does plowing and he reports flipped cars all over the place. PLEASE BE SAFE.

Cold weather will stick through the week. Slight warming by Thursday and Friday.

People have been wondering about the potential storm late this coming week. As of now I see it being a mix of snow, sleet and rain at first and then rain. I now think Christmas may be a foggy for us as the snow keeps the ground cold but warm air comes up over top and rains on our snow! A white Christmas, but rain on top. This COULD change and I will let you know.

As for the longer range, there are indications the pattern should be favorable for another winter storm before the New Year. Though it may be significant, with the storm we just had many had their entire season average of snow and then some! And by the way, it is still fall! Meteorological winter did begin on December 1st!

Back to the current situation:
1. Be careful shoveling
2. Check on neighbors and elderly.
3. Tomorrow take a shovel and make paths away from your house to let the melting snow run off away from the house.
4. I recommend pulling snow away from doors and windows, and again, get paths for the rain to go away from these

All for now!

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