Stickiness with thunderstorm chances continuing – some severe

Well, how did you like the weather yesterday? Today will be the same! My meteorology professor liked to mention how accurate Benjamin Franklin was in predicting the weather. His forecast would say, whatever happened yesterday will happen today. Well, in this case, it is likely to be just like yesterday with a few more clouds. Afternoon showers and storms with some becoming severe.

How about making a copy of that for the next 3 days – OK – seems like the redundant forecast will continue! Then maybe a few more degrees cooler Friday and through the weekend!. My kids and I like the warming the pool is getting! Of note, the higher temps and lower chances of rain for Thursday and through the weekend for the southern half of VA and NC.

Temps for Northern VA, MD, DC, and PA – mid and upper 80s through Thursday and then low to mid 80s this weekend. Temps for the Southern half of VA and NC will be low 90s through Thursday and then around 90 all weekend.

Summery pattern!

Again, heartfelt prayers to Joplin and all those who lost lives, homes, and all they had. Truly sad.

Of note, there is a High risk of severe in OK, and southern NE. It is going to be another rough day for them!

All for now!