Spring Time to make a return|Warmer and Thunderstorms!

So we finally have a sunny day on tap after quite a string of cloudy days with rain, snow, and even a bit of hail yesterday. I mentioned yesterday morning on http://twitter.com/midatlanticwx that there was a chance of hail yesterday, but was unable to update the main blog with the information so hopefully not too many were caught of guard! Today will be nice and sunny. Highs will be in the mid and upper 50s north and the mid and upper 60s in the southern areas. Tonight a warm front will slide through the region and may spark a few showers in the region, but it will deliver its warmer air, with highs tomorrow from the mid 70s north to the mid 80s south. Tomorrow will become very breezy as well with strong southerly winds that will be advecting all that warm and moist air into the region. East of the mountains it looks dry too, but, by late in the day showers and storms could be knocking on the mountain’s doorstep.

Severe Weather Threat – not that high: The front coming through Monday night into Tuesday morning is strong and a round of showers and strong to severe storms does look probable. The only help will be that they will be coming through during the overnight which will be cooler and thus less fuel for the storms. So, as of now, the Severe Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has not outlined the region for severe, but I suspect that parts of the area will be added over time. The main threat will end up being winds, but isolated tornadoes also seem possible.

Temps will then retreat back for a day to the levels we will see today but then recover to nice Spring 60s and 70s. The next chance of significant weather will be next Saturday, but it is hard to say how strong this system will be.

All for now.