Seasonal Day | Milder but a LOT of rain on the way!

Temps will climb from the 20s and 30s up into the upper 40s to upper 50s today. Variable clouds as moisture slowly starts creeping into the air. Tomorrow will be quite a bit milder with temps in the 50s North to upper 60s south. Moisture will overspread teh region and rain could break out later in the day, especially to the west, Rain will become widespread with thunderstorms also embedded, especially southeastern VA and NC. Rain will be heavy at times Sunday into Sunday night. Widespread 1 to 2 inch rains will occur with some spots seeing upwards of 2″. HPC’s current weekend rain total maps are here

We will see a return to seasonal to slightly below Monday with 40s to mid 50s and the same Tuesday. By Wednesday will see some warmer mid 50s to mid 60s possible before rain chances increase later that day and especially Thursday.

Need the rain, looks like we will get it!

Of Note, as you can see in HPC’s map, New England will get a very high amount of rain over a substantial snow pack. This will mean widespread flooding rains for many up north from PA to ME.

All for now!