On the cusp of #Spring

First off the huge snow today! WOW! Guys, that was A HUGE miss by me.. I had downplayed the event in my mind so much that I was just not on top of it at all! I was then in meeting most of the day, and, since weather cannot make me money, I could not neglect the job!

Amazing reports from Orange County of 8 to 10 inch snows. A heavy band set up and just snowed and snowed! Awesome for them, although I heard driving was a nightmare and many kids were at school! http://www.erh.noaa.gov/er/lwx/events/snowmaps/

So we get really cold tonight with lows around 20 in the suburbs, even teens, especially if you have any snow pack! Colder than normal one more day and then a jump in temps! Highs in the 40s tomorrow to around 60 Wednesday, to 65 to 75 Thursday!

Temps cool to the 50 Friday and Saturday, but rebound again Sunday!

Looking at the long term maps, warmth is shown to overspread, not just the US, but into Canada! That is a good sign for Spring!

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All for now!