Cooler North – Showers and storms in South VA and NC – More rain and Severe Risk tomorrow

The Front that came through the northern areas yesterday has stalled to the south and will be a focus of heavy raining showers and storms in Southern VA and NC today. SW VA and a large part of Southern WV have flood watches posted. Warmer air and humidity will stream back north tomorrow and severe storms are possible tomorrow as a front comes through the region again.
Temps in the low and mid 80s north and upper 80s to 90 south today and tomorrow.
Temps will stay in the 80s north for Thursday and approach 90 Friday.
Widespread 90s will persist in the south.
90s will be the rule for the whole area all weekend, and mid 90s to the south!
A hot and humid weekend will be in store for all and more storm chances Sunday North.  
Longer term is showing signs of a serious heat wave towards the end of the month and start of July.

The Tropics remain interesting. The 92L system has pulsed stronger overnight and may be a Tropical Depression. Its fate will be strong wind shear which will likely pull it apart within the next 48 hours. Another wave on its heels is being watched as well. See for information.

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