Cool refreshing air arrives and just gets reinforced and reinforced!

After a balmy last week, we are now sitting in the first in what appears to be a series of refreshing Canadian High Pressure Systems. This will mean the cool refreshing air gets reinforced every few days and highs Sunday may not reach far above 70 in many areas. There re signs that even cooler air is on the horizon later next week and the first real chill of 40's will be felt more than in just the mountains. The rain the last few days was welcome, but the deficits remain and may not be helped much during this time as the flow is less wet than what is needed. Next Chance of rain is Friday Evening.
In the tropics the far western Gulf of Mexico could have a tropical depression already and another near the lesser Antilles. It is possible I will have a new tropics site up near the end of the season!
All for now!