After an amazing winter (about 82 inches in my back yard!) we are stating spring! First I want to say that this was just an an awesome winter! I look back at photos (which I will get on line) and I do not even remember! It was a month ago now that the prospects for a seriously enormous storm started to really seem like a sure thing! just amazing!

Meteorological Spring starts on March 1st! The last 24 hours were a bit tricky. Spring storms are tough and the right elements did not pan out for a widespread accumulating snow! Please know that meteorology is not an exact science! It is so hard to predict! This year was a bit easier than many when the big storms were coming! Why? Well the conditions were easy to see and well modeled. I may take some time to document each event, as a reminder and a way to look back in later years and just be in awe!

This Spring will be tough to get warm and remain somewhat wet. The El Nino pattern that caused our incredible storms is not gone yet! The colder high latitude blocking which was also a key has retreated and broken down. It may exert itself again briefly. 2 storms may affect us.. one in about a week and another a few days later. One note, it is possible some snow could occur with the second system and some cooler air after the first storm.

All for now!