Almost like Winter next several days

The first cold Nor'easter will come up the coast the next few days and cause a damp raw forecast to take shape! Areas could see HIGHS in the upper 30s, especially higher elevations and immediate Piedmont! Due to the colder air and the configuration areas above 1000 feet could see SNOW! Yes SNOW! Likely it would be too wet and too warm for much to stick, but it will be interesting nonetheless!

So today will be a thickening clouds day with temps barely into the lower 50s and some just upper 40s. Late in the day a few showers could break out in the far West and south. Tonight will be cold with many mountains and immediate northern Piedmont seeing 30s. Rain and even higher elevation snow should break out as the night wears on. Areas look to be just rainy and raw tomorrow! Many will see upper 30s and low and mid 40s for high temps! The further not and higher in elevation the colder. A switch back to snow in the higher elevations looks likely tomorrow night with maybe some light accumulations. Cold rain elsewhere! T]Friday will again see rain, a mix in the higher elevations, early. It will be a bit more showery Friday and then more rain areas east of the mountains, and snow possible for the mountains Friday night! Rain showers and higher elevation snow showers Saturday, and again more rain Saturday night, but the snow line will likely lower in elevation and spread eastward! Areas in the immediate Piedmont and even a bit eastward could see their first flakes of the season as well!

A forecast of crazy cold and even wintry weather will be a bit challenging the next could of days. There could be changes, and even some advisories. Please note a 1 to 3 inch rainfall is likely with breezy conditions! Soup and winter coats weather for sure!

All for now!

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