Dreary Springtime weather will finally give way to warmer weather about Wednesday of this coming week. That is not before more heavy rains and even a chance of some severe weather.


What a lousy pattern we are in currently. Very cool to cold east of the mountains. Rain chances
continue and will increase and become heavier this afternoon. There is a chance
that the combination of very vigorous system and other dynamics could cause thunderstorms, some of which may become severe early Monday or even possibly late on Sunday night, mainly in the south. Want warmth, well wait until Wednesday when widespread 60s and 70s will finally arrive. Another storm system will approach the region towards Friday.

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Rain will increase in likelihood and become heavy especially overnight


Rain. Chances of thunderstorms and even severe weather in the south


Much milder with clearing Skies


Warmth! 60s and 70s widespread


Warmth! 60s and 70s widespread


Increasing clouds. Some rain possible or thunderstorms

Long Term:

Looks like thunderstorm and rain chances Saturday, but a nice Sunday.

All for now!