3/26/2006 DC/MD/VA Weather Discusssion

Cool conditions may meet an end! It looks like warmer air arrives starting Thursday. A chance that the storm next weekend may bring some storminess. Questions on whether cooler air returns.


Summary: A blocking pattern will continue the cooler air for a while longer, and then a strong Pacific origin Low will traverse the country and warm us up (like they did all winter). This may break us down and keep us warmer or may be brief. If it is brief, the warm air should still come back by then end of the following week. Meanwhile, we have a chance of a few showers this morning followed by a sunnier day for most. Temps a bit below normal. Tuesday could hold some shower activity, which is desperately needed! This looks to be the driest March on record unless we get some serious reversals. See some of the drought issues by clicking on drought on the main site or seeing the new board over at the forum: http://www.midatlanticweather.com/bb3


Looking at the long term for April.. if you compare to previous similar Aprils, after a similar March and a small La Nina type of pattern we should warm up!


Thanks to all who continue to post to the Forum. The community has grown to 44 members. http://www.midatlanticweather.com/bb3/


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