11/21 DC/MD/VA Severe Weather Alert

Heavy Rains, highs winds, Mountain Snow?

Very heavy rains, High Winds, and even a taste of mountain snow (maybe) to affct us Tomorrow through Friday.
This is a very slow moving storm that cused snow in South Carolina today…. YES.. SOUTH CAROLINA!!! Charleston reported their earliest snow ever.. even a thundersnow!!! The storm will drop anywhere from 1-2 inches of rain and produce high winds especially east of I-95. The mountains MAY be able to eek a few hours of snow or sleet overnight tonight as the precipoitation makes its way into some colder air.

The weekend looks great after this passes..

MAYBE some colder air later next week! Storm??? Not sure!

** I will start regular updates again on my Web Site!!! Hoping to update and expand the winter section as well!

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