10/26 DC,VA,MD Weather Outlook

Fog Horns a must this morning for many regions! Sun is shining for most, finally, and soon for fogged in victims. Concerns of Lunar eclipse being eclipsed by clouds! That Dammed Cold air may re-visit Thursday and Friday. Mild conditions next week with possibilities of good rains. Current Halloween Outlook still looking GOOD!


Cold air above us, a warm moist ground, and calm winds aid in good fog production this morning and the next 2 possibly. Today looks great after the fog lifts with temps rebounding due to sunny conditions. Still concerned coastal areas will stay under the cool marine influence, but finally, most will see temps reach the 60,s and 70Â?s in the Southern most areas!



A piece of energy will be streaking through the Jet stream which will cause some cloudiness (though high clouds). This may limit the viewing of the Lunar Eclips which will start around 9:14 pm. This is still up in the are though. http://www.space.com/spacewatch/top10_eclipse_041026-1.html has great facts on the eclipse. As does http://www.nasa.gov/vision/universe/watchtheskies/13oct_lunareclipse.html



Cold Air Damming may set up again and may not erode until Later Friday! So, I am skeptical of warmer temps these two days! Friday night may also have a few showers when a warm front moves through.



Saturday may end up nice! A warm front will push through Friday night which will hopefully be strong enough to break the cold air damming. It may be actually very nice with highs above normal in the 70Â?s (Cooler mountains)


Halloween looks very seasonal with highs reaching 60Â?s to lower 70Â?s. May be a bit breezy after a front moves through in the earlier parts of the day


Long Term

Signs of a strong low moving up through the plains and to our west could mean rain, but also could mean a more mild period. Only caution is that the season of Cold Air damming always needs to be remembered and can rob a nice forecast without much warning!


All for now!

Jimmy Chaplin of Mid Atlantic Weather. http://www.midatlanticweather.com
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