First we get through this weekend. It was a lot cloudier than I thought yesterday and then we have a system close enough by to the south that is causing some showers especially in NC. We get better clearing in the north. A cold night is in store for the area with freeze and frosts to hit the area and make sure that the growing season ends for some more of the area!

Our attention the turns to the Wednesday system. This one is so classic, but just early for all to see a big snow. You get above 1000 feet and that would likely be a different story! Snow, and maybe a pretty significant snow amount, appears likely. This would be NW VA, Western MD, Western PA –

The reality for lower elevations will be very cold rains and some mixing with snow, especially west of I-95 north of Fredericksburg and down to Charlottesville. This will be a cold and windy rain for the coastal plains and then we have to worry about the shore and the heavy winds causing some floods.

We will see this system move out slowly. Then we will mild up for next weekend and may even see some 60s and 70s!

A lot more to come as details work out! I will again attempt to do a two times a day and more often likely at and twitter at

Will likely post a few thoughts after noon model runs.

All for now!