Winter Weather Alert – Minor event for many!

After last week I wanted to stress that this is not going to be a big snow or ice event for most of the Middle Atlantic until you cross into PA and NJ. For the Northern VA and DC as well as Maryland a period of light snow and sleet will be likely tomorrow night into Tuesday morning. This could make commuting a hassle Tuesday Morning and could delay schools. The temps will then stay cool, but not cold enough for snow. Along the MD/PA border there could be a couple of inches before the changeover to freezing rain and rain Tuesday.

For VA – The immediate Piedmont and valleys could see some freezing rain – north of Charlottesville there will likely be Winter Weather Advisory condition as well as Western Loudoun (I-15 and west)

MD – Along the PA/MD border could have 2-3″ of snow before the changeover,

PA – Ice storm criteria could be met for the southern half of the state – Precip will oscillate between sleet and ice as well as snow which will be prevalent at the start (Tuesday) and towards the end of the storm. In between, for many, a havy steady rain will also fall which will cause some concern for flooding. Spend today freeing run off areas to avoid flooding issues. Northern half of PA will be a serious snow and sleet threat!

NJ – Western and NW areas, especially valleys will see an icing issue. Snow with be the predominant type Tuesday and then mixing to sleet and ice, more quickly along the coast. Rain will then surge to most of the area by Wednesday Morning.

BTW – this storm is just huge! Check all the watches and warnings at to get some perspective. If I were traveling this week I would be very worried!

All for now!