Winter Storm Watches are up. Messy Mix for Friday into Saturday!

The national weather service has come out with Watches and this looks like a long term icing event starting as snow most areas tomorrow night. The surface cold will mean that the warming taking place aloft will not make it to the surface so Ice will become a dominant type. this will be especially true west of I-95, but MOST areas could see an ice storm before warming.

There are still details to be concerned about. Some models show less precipitation than others. If the less precip pans out, advisory criteria (icing less than .25"would more the likely outcome)

Now, I am thinking that the combination of Ice and Snow will be enough for the storm and we will all need to watch this.

Break down:
I-95 and east – Advisory criteria
I-95 and West – Winter Storm

Snow 1-4" (more western slopes and near PA border)
Ice will be an issue through most of Saturday.

All for now.