WINDY AND COLDER! Snow Christmas? Wintry Weather Wednesday/Thursday

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First off: Next 36 hours! Easy to figure out. Go outside and it is cold and windy. The concern will be the strength of the winds starting tonight and into tomorrow. Gusts could exceed 60 mph at times and this may cause some power issues! Again, may need some alternate places to go to stay warm if the power is out for a long while.

Sunday – EASY – Cold and typical December day. 40s for the most part.

Monday – First set of question marks! A smaller system looks like it will approach and cause a bit of precipitation Christmas Eve or Christmas day! I would see that areas of the Mountains and definitely north of the Maryland border could get some snow! White Christmas!

Tuesday – Looks cold and maybe some light snow/sleet/ rain.

Wednesday is when all things go crazy. I am suspecting we will will see ice and sleet a real possibility along the Appalachians and Piedmont, west of I – 95. There may be some snow as well. This being so early, it may be all snow for some. IT COULD be rain – maybe a bit of a mix to start. I am convinced some frozen precipitation will fall Wednesday/Thursday but the exact type, how long, on who exactly gets what is still up in the air!

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ALL for now!