Why we need to be careful in this pattern! It is gonna get COLD!

First of all, it is gonna get BRUTALLY cold by next weekend. Next Friday may have many areas with highs in the teens! HIGHS IN THE TEENS!

Second, the set up next week will be a tough, and it is possible that a surprise snow storm could develop! Yes, A SURPRISE because it may start to show up very close to the event.

Just because it may show up, does not mean it will.. But a little reminder of January 25th, 2000 does come to mind. The PATTERN and not the forecast models show the potential! SO stay tuned to the weather day by day!

So get ready… Tuesday could be the first surprise with a bit more snow than what is expected.

Second, we just have to watch.

Third, it is time to be sure you are ready for the cold! Protect outside spikets, get the antifreeze checked, and a new battery in your car if necessary!  By the end of next week it will be BRUTAL!

All for now!