What an amazing tropical season!

I just read in awe this evening as Ivan was reborn a
tropical storm in the Gulf of Mexico! YES, he has
taken a southeastern US loop off of the SE coast, back
across Florida as a tropical leftover, and then, he
got his strength and name back in the Central Gulf!
And right now, we have 4 named storms in the Atlantic
Basin! I am feeling we may have five by sometime
tomorrow! enough ramblings, we have Jeane to watch!

I am sending an early alert on Jeane. She has made a
loop as well North and east of the Bahamas. She has
started her westward move back towards the US today.
She has been a bad girl already. She killed over 700
people in Haiti. I am concerned of her destinations. I
am thinking she is headed very near the FL/GA coasts!
She could come on shore somewhere North of Daytona up
to GA/SC border (Though up the coast all the way to
the Delmarva is not out of the question). She will
likely not go too far inland if she reaches the coast
as she will start turning north, and then Northeast.
Here is the concern.. She will be close enough to
cause wave action and possible storminess for the
Eastern Shore and Southeastern VA.. BUT, my serious
concern is that she makes it just inland and starts up
the coastal plain from GA, SC, NC, VA, MD, and DE..
moving slow enough to cause yet another round of
ridiculous flooding in the SE US. SO, we need to be
watching and don’t dismiss her! I mean.. I dismissed
Ivan and he is back!

More to come the next several days.. which, by the
way, will continue nice, though fog will definitely be
an issue in the mornings!

All for now!

Jimmy Chaplin of Mid Atlantic Weather. http://www.midatlanticweather.com
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