Wet forecast will subside Saturday! Fred could be a major Hurricane soon

Cool and damp! Highs 70s to around 80 in some places. Rain chances will not be great until later today, tonight, and tomorrow.
This is a bit tricky of a forecast. Mountain areas up to I-95 will not see a great amount of rain. The Eastern shore and coastal regions could see very heavy rains especially later today and tomorrow.Thunder on the coast could very easily be possible. The Easterly flow will increase over the next 24 hours. Areas to the west of the Low off the coast will see a good chance of rain and some heavy later today. As the Low moves westward and the High in New England strengthens more rains are forecast to push west. Rains in Northern VA and Maryland could get heavy tomorrow as well.

I would suspect flood watches o\along the coast and possible further inland tomorrow.

The system will slowly lift out and slow drying will occur Starting Friday and finally truly arriving Saturday.

Fred is up to 105 mile per hour winds. Looks like he will head to sea. All for now!