Weather WILL Warm… Yes I may have Spring Fever Friday!

As I told my boss today, this "Friday LOOKS GOOD" for golf as temps should make it into the 70s up north and even 80s in the south.

First a Pesky front this evening will come through and cause some showers. In New England this could be their last shot at a snow. Temperatures will again be almost the same as they were today for Tomorrow. Then Wednesday a little Dip below norms (5-10 degrees)… But do not fret as temps will jump above Normal Thursday and then Friday Saturday and Sunday *COULD* be beautiful..

FLIES in the ointment for Spring!  A beautiful weekend forecast this far out and this early in Spring always has me concerned. I mean, the forecast models look decent, but the Ocean's colder air and the dreaded Back Door Cold front always concerns me! This occurs when wind comes off the ocean and causes clouds and colder weather east of the mountains! I am not saying this will happen this weekend, but ALWAYS be on guard this time of year for it to mess up a sunny and warm forecast!

All for now!