Warm & muggy-Upper 80s-Lower 90s|Tropical Storm Ana|&TD#3|

The hazy, warm, and humid conditions that are typical this time of year will continue through next week. A front will come close by and cause an increase in chance of rain and storm Wednesday through Friday.

The big stories next week will be Tropical Storm Ana and newly classified Tropical Depression 3.
Ana: As of this morning she is not as well organized as she was overnight. The storm looks to threaten Florida towards Thursday. She could make it to Hurricane strength, but, as of now she is forecast to be a strong Tropical Storm.

Tropical Depression 3 looks like it will become Tropical Storm within the next day. This one will track over favorable area for strengthening and also may make it to Hurricane strength and could be sizable at that. If named it will be called Bill.

To see the latest you can visit the tropical center at http://www.midatlanticweather.com/tropical/tropics.htm

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