Very Warm, almost Record! Cooler air coming! Snow?

I am waking up to low and mid 50s today which would have been a nice high temperature a few weeks ago! Temps should soar into the 70s today with some approaching 80, especially Southern VA and NC. Breezy conditions will begin as well later today and the fire danger is likely to increase. Temps will be much cooler with 50s north. Southern regions appear to hang on to mid and upper 60s until Tuesday when highs will be mainly 40s to low 50s at best. The northern region (Northern VA, MD) will see highs mainly in the 40s to low 50s at best. Sunday, 40s Monday, and, potentially 30’s Tuesday.

What about the “storm” possibilities next week? I am less enthusiastic after some later runs of the models so I suspect a cold rain Monday Night into Tuesday that may end with some snow in the North. The models this morning have pushed the low southward and that may mean colder temps than what I have now for areas further south. I will likely send a quick early afternoon update on this.

All for now!

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