Upper plains “Hurricane” like low to bring storms/severe

There is a powerful low pressure that is heating through Minnesota that has a pressure comparable to hurricanes. Thus many states have high wind warnings and wind advisories. Also, the system is spawning a huge line of severe weather capable of tornadoes! 10 states have tornado watches and many Severe Storm warnings are posted.. We are east of that system so very warm air is coming into the region. Southern areas will see low to mid 80s for highs today and tomorrow! As the storm's cold front approaches overnight, showers and storms will become numerous and there may be some severe weather as well as strong winds will be possible in some of them. You can see the severe risks today in the Midwest and the region is under a slight risk for severe storms for the overnight. http://www.spc.noaa.gov/products/outlook/day1otlk.html. Tomorrow the focus will be for the eastern areas as the front continues eastward. This will need to be watched as there is a huge amount of energy and how it translates to storminess will be wind and severe weather.The main risk will be high winds, but there is a tornado risk as well.

The system will move east and allow precipitation to wind down in the afternoon tomorrow and more unseasonably warm air will remain. Thursday will see a step down in temps, but still slightly above normal temperatures with variably cloudy skies. Friday will be much cooler with temps a bit below normal. Friday night it is likely we will see another risk for frost in areas.

Please stay tuned to radio and news outlets this evening and then potentially into the night. Severe weather overnight is dangerous as many are asleep and unaware of the storms coming.

All for now!