Update on Storm for Sunday – Tuesday!

Due to extenuating circumstances I have not been able to update!

What I know:

1. Sandy is a Hurricane and is strengthening steadily! The strength of her is an important ingredient in this situation. 2. We are still days away! Models are shifting around but are converging on an East coast system/ hybrid Hurricane – exact details are tough, but it looks significant 3. If things materialized this system will be a multi-punch system! 1. Winds along coast and inland 2. Very heavy rains, especially along coastal plains 3. Storm surge and coastal flooding 4. Heavy mountain snows – 12″+ amounts in higher elevations 4. Where???? Based on model projection and, NOT YET a forecast – 1. East of I-95 for areas of NC, VA, MD, Central PA, look bad 2. DE, NJ, Eastern PA, NY, and MA look Severe! 5. SO MANY variables so do not get locked in on details, but be prepared! Stay tuned for future updates!

All for now!