Unfortunate truth of this area! Winter weather is hard to predict – Winter weather less of an impact

While I still suspect the biggest winter weather event of the season, the snow impact is far less now. Shifting the zones one notch north for everyone puts most of Northern Virginia in a 2 to 4 inch threat. Maryland 3-5 inches, and the heavier snows up northward! That being said, we may not see totals even that much. Ice now is becoming a bit of a threat for northern areas as well.

For people wondering what happened? Well, the storm originally was forecasted to be weaker! In this case, that made it a good thing as we would not have a hard southern wind pushing warmer air in so we stayed snow a long time. The low pressure went south of  the region. That low is now MUCH stronger than forecast so stronger winds now will push the warmer air up here! Disappointing for snow fans like me! When storms get that strong, they also tend to move further north and that also is true!

Because of this, the forecast has changed and, I am sorry to say, may still change more!

All for now!