Topical Storm Gaston to cause Rains

Right now, Gaston is in the eastern part of SC and
barely moving, but a front to the west should provide
a kicker to move the storm north and east. One unique
thing I am noticing that the rain is actually west of
the storm. I expect this to change, but, if not, we
are in for a rainy Monday Night/Tuesday for all the
region and not just the Southeastern and eastern parts
of the area. Right now, SE Virginia should prepare for
heavy, flooding rains Monday into Monday night. Severe
storms will likely accompany the system east of the
storm track.

Every time I hear Gaston, I think of Beauty and the
Beast and the Macho Gaston who tries to kill the
Beast!! And the Beast, is Frances!

As far as hurricane Frances goes, I am thinking we may
have a Category 5 storm on our hands at some point.
Frances is in the very same region of the tropics that
Isabel was last year, BUT, The ridge to the north of
Frances will keep the storm on a far south track. I am
betting Florida, and maybe southern Florida. Frances
is definitely in a similar location as Andrew as well.
This is my concern. Florida is going to get hit by
another Major to severe Hurricane. I am then concerned
that another part of the gulf could be hit again. IF
SO, this could very well be the costliest hurricane

Before you relax for our region, it is very possible
another tropical system is forming SW of Bermuda. I
think this one may be pulled NE by the troughiness in
the Northeast, but it could miss, and slowly move
westward towards the east coast!

It is a busy tropical season. With Frances becoming
the third Major Hurricane for the Atlantic which is
the earliest this has ever happened! (at least that
there are records for!)

All for now!

Jimmy Chaplin of Mid Atlantic Weather.
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