Time to get back into the forecasts! -Tropical Madness

What an active time we have in the tropics. My hope is that Gustav wil not gain any strength again! He came down from a peak of 150 mph when he crossed Cuba. That being said, he is still very powerful system and he is going to come in west of New Orleans. He will still be powerful and my hope is that teh surge is not going too bad. My gut says, no matter what, New Orleans will be in bad shape!

I will start being more vigilent in my forum http://www.midatlanticweather.com/bb3/index.php?topic=1499.0

Now, Hanna! TS Hanna is starting to show a threat to the east coast! This could be a threat later next week. You can find more on Hanna here: http://www.midatlanticweather.com/bb3/index.php?topic=1500.0

That being said, the Eastern part of teh US is about to experience a heat wave whic will include 90s again for our region. That ridge is the same one that is pushing Gustav to move teh way he is. So look for a return to summer like conditions especially starting Tuesday. Today and tommorrow look nice!

Of note, the tropics look like they have 2 more disturbnces that could become storms in the next few days.

All for now!