Thoughts On Storm and Map Posted

A lot of potential may result in serious forecast busts! This is my best call for now!

Please see the last call that I am making unless I see significant shift to the north on precipitation and the coastal low. Totals in the South Central could be overdone if sleet and freezing rain become the dominant type. This is obvious, but a real quandary. Also, as much as the models are locked on what the northward movement of totals will be, I keep having a nagging feeling a lot more precip will make it north. That may be all it is.. a feeling.. or my dinner! HA! Anyways, this represents the last snow threat I see for about a week to 10 days! But, as I said before, I think this is usually peak time for snow storms, so things may really change.

Again, Snow will start later tomorrow afternoon and then tomorrow night.
Things should be done late Sunday UNLESS the coastal storm does something more than what is shown now!

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