This could be a great week for snow! We shall see

A situation is setting up that is challenging and potentially exciting, especially the Northern Half of Virginia, up into DC and Maryland, IF you like Snow! The Arctic front which will be south of Virginia and slowly climbing northward next week, could have an overrunning (moist air thrown up over teh cold air) event that would be the best snow yet this winter. In systems like this it usually ends up with snow and an eventual turn over to ice and then rain, but most precip is done by the time it is too warm for snow. If things continue as they are showing, the time frame to watch would be Tuesday into Wednesday. There even *COULD* be another wave of wintry weather later in the week.

We will see! Longer term we could see quite a warm up early in February, and possibly a change again back to better chances of storms shortly there after.

All for now!