The Heat is really HOT! Concerns are growing for the GULF!

Today and Tomorrow are likely to be the hottest days so far this year. Temps will reach very close to 100 today and likely be felt in many areas tomorrow – the Heat Index values will climb to 105+ for some and it is just going to be awful! Normal Hot weather advice is there, but also check on the elderly and anyone with special needs to be certain they are keeping cool!

Storms could fire again today and some could be severe and the Severe Storms Prediction Center (SPC) has outlined a lot of the area for potential severe storms. Winds are really the main concern in them today.

Tomorrow will have the hottest temps we have seen in some time. I HATE hot weather!

Some relief will be possible Friday as we *cool* to upper 80s and lower 90s. A better cooler shot of mid and upper 80s could visit the region towards the middle of next week after more storms Sunday and Monday

Tropics: The wave impacting Haiti and the Dominican Republic appears on MODELS to mean business early next week. Alex looks like a strong possibility to form and be a serious threat to the Gulf States. This could be a serious storm or even Hurricane by then. Please note that Media will really start speaking of the possibility and, with such a warm ocean, we are likely to see something!

Of note, another tropical system is also showing signs of strengthening in the middle Atlantic.