Storms Southern 2/3rds of region! Otherwise a cooler day

Overnight a swath of showers and storms dumped a lot of rain across North Carolina and the Southeastern half of Virginia. That storm complex is pushing across the eastern shore. Other scattered storms remain across the southern half of Virginia.This activity could persist today with scattered to isolated storminess as the old frontal boundary is having a hard time departing the region. Temps will generally be in the mid 80s.

The weather turns drier until later this week towards the weekend. Temps will warm to the upper 80s and low 90s Wednesday and then fall off. Friday may see some areas only in the 70s.

Rain chances appear to come back next weekend . There even appears to be a chance of a tropical system forming that could affect the weather with increased rain chances. This is just preliminary as it is showing on some models.

Bill has become extra tropical this morning. He has had a long life and wild one at that. The tropics appear quiet now, but as I said we may need to watch later this week.

All for now!