Sorm on track! Southern VA Northern NC Historical Snow and Winter Storm!

I would not stray too far from my map for Virginia. This looks like a
Historic event. Snow will start in the evening in the southwest and
overspread the southern third of Virginia and the northern half of
North carolina. I may say a 1 to 3 inch increase in higher amount
locations could occur as the ratios of snow per liquid equivalent will
be high! That is rare for that part of the country. Snow will
gradually progress north but it seems unlilkely it will make it past
the southern DC metro area. Around that area an inch may fall. A very
cold day with temps region wide in the 20s tomorrow. North Carolina,
South Carolina and Northeast Georgia could see Ice totals up to or
over 1 inch. Snow will be cut down in total amounts for the southern
half of the state with sleet and freezing rain a real issue down to
the South Carolina border. This will be one for the rcord books. Some
adjustments may come as the storm gets closer, but those in the warned
areas should prepare!

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