Some relief but Hot air reloads for later this week

As a front continues to press towards the area more chances of rain should occur today. This could include heavy showers and storms with locally flooding rains. Temps will be in the low and mid 90s for the most part.

Dryer air will visit, at least the northern half of the area the next 2 days. Temps may still be up in the low and mid 90s, but the lower humidity will be nice. Thursday and Friday mark the return of the heat. Temps will again climb to near 100 degrees Friday. Temps will drop a bit next weekend as a chance for storms enters the forecast, but low and mid 90s looks to persist for all this week.

Of note, this will likely end up the hottest July on record. The previous hottest July on record was just last year! So back to back very hot summers!

All for now!