Snow threat SW VA down into Western NC – Light snow possible elsewhere

first we have a potent systems coming through the region the next 24 hours. rain and Thunder which is causing severe weather to break out in the south. Rain totals in the 1 to 2 inch range seem likely and in a relatively short amount of time. Winds will also be high in the higher elevations and could be pulled down by heavier showers or storms – so do not be surprised to see some isolated severe storms scattered through NC and VA overnight.

We have a definite shot of colder air that will arrive Friday into Saturday and a wave of energy that will produce a Low pressure to the south. Areas south of Fredericksburg and Charlottesville look the best for getting precipitation and it could mix with or change to snow, especially west of I-95 and then back South west into the higher Piedmont areas of NC, SC and even GA. Yes a more southern system appears to be in the making. Areas along and east of I-5 in these regions could see a mix or even some periods of snow, but it is warm at the surface so this will be what I call "white rain" for many. Areas west of I-95 and further south could see some accumulations and i would not be surprised to see a 1 to 3" with isolated 4" spots from Southwestern VA down into Western NC and SC.

Further north, rain and snow showers will likely visit Saturday but it does not look too potent.. the further north, the less the chance to see anything.

STILL early on this so stay tuned!

All for now!

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