Snow possible Christmas Eve – More likely Day after Christmas

Can you feel it? Well if you can’t you have not been outside!!! Windy – I MEAN – Super windy – And cold!

Christmas Eve? Tough to call! Looks like snow a possibility, especially Northern Maryland and higher elevations. Areas west of 95 and north of Fredericksburg. This is wild. Many areas may have a little snow on the ground Christmas morning.

AND THEN – Well – a winter storm is a coming! How it pans out is still up in the air, but as of now, west of 95 to the mountains may have some icing and the further north the longer it will last. I will try and break it down better as we approach the event, but will have to make a map and guess Monday, outline areas, and then make calls as I will be busy that day!

Mountains look like a 6″+ snow, areas of the Piedmont 2-4″ with ice. Ice will be an issue all the way down to Roanoke, but how long things are one way or the other is too risky to call.


All for now!