Snow is likely in parts of the area!

I cannot deny 12 runs of the European model showing a snow storm for parts of the region! We are early, and if it were December we would all be going crazy with the snow talk. It is November, and that still could mean snow will fly for parts of the region.

When? Wednesday rain will likely overspread the region from the south and cool the atmosphere so that snow starts falling in the higher (above 1000 feet area)

Where? The rain will need to cool the atmosphere a bit, and areas above 1000 feet will see snow after some initial rain. This is mainly a Northern VA event, into Maryland, and Central and Eastern PA. The snow levels could drop throughout the event and snow could start in the western suburbs overnight.

How much? Beats me! Climate says lower elevations would just see some dusting. The European and some models show much more! If I were to give an idea of how much I would say 3 to 6 inches above 1000 feet with the higher elevations seeing closer to the 6 inches. But as the colder air filters in, the western suburbs, at lower elevations, may see 1 – 3 inches! Yes – crazy!

What about the rest of the forecast? Well Colder than normal temps will continue through Thursday and a milding up pattern after that with temps reaching the 60s and 70s by next Monday! The longer range outlook sees a chance of a significant front around the 15th and then a colder pattern with more possibilities of east coast storms!

Busy times ahead!