small snow event on the way for North regions

We have a lot of dense fog this morning all across the region. Rain showers across the south will slowly move out and the sun will break through later today. Temps in the north will climb to the upper 30s while the south is going to be quite mild today with temps topping out in the low and mid 50s!

Cool enough air and a low will track through the region tomorrow night. A swath of snow covering areas of Virginia north of Fredericksburg and all of Maryland looks likely. 1 to 3 inches appears possible with the least amounts in the south part of that region and closer to 3 along the PA/MD border. Even heavier snow across PA, NJ, and DE with 2 to 4 inches and then along the Northeast areas seeing 3 -6 or even 4-8 near New York and Southern New England with areas possibly seeing up to 10 inches up there.

All for now!