Small amounts of snow today – Cold start – Cool week – Long term – Maybe another big storm?

Not a lot of time to write this morning. The Alberta clipper sill doe best in the Mountains where 3 to 6 inches of snow will initially fall. More snow will continue west of the ridges where 6 to 12" of snow should accumulate. For areas East of I-95 and South of Fredericksburg to Roanoke, rain will ultimately be the systems output and this will mean a trace to maybe an inch. Along I-95 north and west will see a longer period of snow and the Immediate Piedmont could see 1 to possibly 3 inches of snow.

This week will remain in the mid 30s to mid 40s for the most part. This weekend looks clear at this point, but the pattern is still there so I will watch for possible storminess. If not this weekend in the not too distant future it appears another snow system could affect us.

All for now!