SLEETY/ICY MESS for Northern VA up through Marylyand and PA snows

Sorry I have been delayed on posting.. it does appear that a Moderate Icing event will unfold Early Sunday morning. A mixture of first snow, then sleet and freezing rain will visit the region again. There is a possibility of moderate icing! Much about this storm could change and there are hints at some colder air at start which could mean some real snow, but right now, sleet and freezing rain look to be the main precip type. The main locations again will be 20 miles either side of a line from just north of Charlottesville to just west of Leesburg, northeast up to Baltimore County in Maryland stretching up to Philadelphia. Snow is possible North of these areas in Maryland, but especially Pennsylvania. 
Much more to be considered and more details tomorrow!
Again, this is for Sunday, though freezing drizzle could be occurring Sunday night into Monday morning.
All for now!

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