severe potential Sunday

With subsiding (sinking) air we will see temps really soar today and tomorrow. Isolated locations could see crazy high temps tomorrow of even 105 or higher as sinking air can warm localities even higher than what we think in the forecast and can be isolated hot pockets (queue Jim Gaffigan) around. Does it matter – NO – it is gonna be downright super hot!

Sunday will see the approach of a cold front with cooler air on the other side. The clash of the air masses will definitely mean a chance for severe weather and so we need to stay alert.

Next week looks like a break! Temps will go back to seasonal norms of the mid and upper 80s and then by later in the week even some low and mid 80s. Due to instability a chance of afternoon thunderstorms occurs across the region Monday and across the southern ha;f of the region straight through the end of the week.

Enjoy the break as it does look brief! Temps will rise again before too long as the global weather pattern seems to favor a hotter forecast. This is quite different than I had first thought for summer as it appeared El Nino would be showing up by now, but it has not established itself yet!

All for now!