Relentless 90s!NC likely to see more rains Today|Tomorrow more chances area wide.

Well, we continue on with the 90s! Let the Heat roll on! NC really had a nice soaking in many places. More storms could fire in that region today and more widespread chances of rain will happen tomorrow..The temperature forecast is easy. In the Mountains and right on the coast upper 80s. Low to mid 90s elsewhere!

Will the heat let up? There are some signs of a heat re-positioning in the US. The heat could retrograde westward and make the upper plains. We are at least 7 to 10 days before that would happen.

The tropics remain somewhat unfavorable for tropical development. This could or will change in August but there will be a lot of moisture down in the Caribbean and we could see some development down there this week, but the systems still have some turbulent upper air patterns.

All for now!

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