Record Low in Plains still causing severe – Sunnier and then cooler weather

The system in the Northern Plains and now Southern Canada has broken records for lowest pressure in the Continental US. The pressure hit 956 mb which is as strong as a Category 3 Hurricane! We are seeing some of this energy translate into severe storms and winds this morning. The front is slowing so Eastern VA, MD, DE, Eastern PA, and Eastern NC remain in a volatile area so more isolated tornadoes could form. The system will slowly pull out today and so North and west could see sun but the Eastern and Southeastern areas may continue in the showers and storms. Temps are already 7 to 10 degrees above normal at 7am for most locations! Highs will be 70s for North and west to even low 80s in the south! Sunnier skies tomorrow and continued mild with temps in the 70s again. MUCH cooler Friday with many staying in the 50s and some low 60s south. The weekend remains cool with 60s for most, but, as of now, Halloween looks dry!

Stay tuned to News and Weather outlets as tornado watches remain in Southeastern VA.

All for now!