Rare Cold Nor’easter with #rain and #snow

Rain will start to intensify for the region this afternoon as a low pressure along the SE coastline intensifies and begins moving north and starts to phase with northern stream energy.


*SNOW:* * * The system will continue to get stronger and wrap in cold air so that mountains deal with a serious snow storm with many seeing in excess of 6″ of snow and even 1 to 2 feet in some of the highest elevations from Northern WV, Far western MD, Western PA, and SW NY. As the system continues wrapping colder air in, the DC, Baltimore, and Philadelphia areas could see a rain/snow mix tomorrow morning and even tomorrow evening.


*RAIN:* Rain amounts could be 2 to 3″ along the coastal plains with 1 to 3″ along i-95 and around an inch on the immediate Piedmont of the Appalachians. This is welcome news and other than localized flooding due to poor drainage, the water table is in need of some water input.


*WIND:* With such and intensifying low pressure the winds will be a factor! This could mean serious beach erosion for some, coastal flooding, and a lot of downed trees in the wet snow areas. Winds along the coast could gust to 50 mph and many will see 30 to 40 mph winds. Inland areas will see mainly 15 – 25 mph wind gusts. Prepare now with generators, flashlights, and whatever other needs you would have if power goes out.


Should be a wild ride.

Earth Day Note: This last week ice levels on the planet are now above normal! Yes! ABOVE normal. As a matter of fact we have seen some of the highest ice levels ever recorded on satellites in the last several weeks! Crazy! Global warming…. where are you?