Rainy days!

This has been quite the patch of wet weather. The culprit is a frontal boundary that is semi stationary through the area. If you are north of the front, it has been steady rain. South, has had breaks in rain, but also pretty powerful storms including winds and even some tornadoes.

Today will see some lulls in the rain, but another impulse moves along the front and fires off another round of precip yet again! Southeastern Virginia and eastern North Carolina could see some severe weather as well.

Tomorrow the whole area should have the warm front move through which will bump the temperatures and also the chances of thunderstorms. Some could be severe as well, but the Severe Storms center has not yet highlighted all the area.

Unsettled and warmer conditions will continue Thursday with more shower and thunderstorms. Then Friday, as a front comes through, even more showers and storms. Saturday could feature yet more showers. It is possible that Sunday will be dry!

Thursday and Friday could see temps rise to the 80s in many locations.

All for now!