Rain winding down – Some snow showers Sunday Night – cold week – Winter Storm possible

Merry Christmas! I decided not to post the last few days, and I am sorry to all that read regularly! We had a forecast close to what I originally had forecasted, but some areas did not see any frozen precip like I thought. Rains ended up somewhat lighter for some, but here in Loudoun I am seeing a flood warning this morning. A lot of the snow has melted and the piles are all that is leftover. Today will see rains end in the north and cloudy skies slowly clear. Tonight's lows will be the 20s and 30s for most. Highs tomorrow will be relatively mild with the 40s and 50s! Tomorrow night the upper support that caused the Christmas Blizzard in the middle of the country will move through and a few snow showers could occur in the Northern part of Virginia and Maryland. This week will be pretty cold. The next event will be interesting and will bring a snow chance especially west if I-95 for Northern Virginia and definitely snow in the Mountains. This one is not clear cut! There are several things. First the cold air will be more marginal which will be an issue along I-95 at first, but colder air will work in and send the temps cold enough for snow to start advancing eastward. The track of the low will make it a bit tough as well. Because the upper levels will not be as cold, the ratios for the snow to liquid will not be as high as last storm. Then, what system will end up being the one that consolidates and moves up the coast. It could be New Year's eve, but it could be a few days later! I think this will come into focus over the next few days.

Details will be worked out the next few days.

All for now!

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