Rain ends and warm up begins

Rain is already tapering off this morning and should clear the coast by late morning. Temps will rise to the upper 50s to 60 in the north to even 70 degrees in the south. Sunny skies and much warmer weather will visit Thursday with high in the mid 60s north to mid 70s south. Friday will be even warmer with highs in the low and mid 70s north to low 80s south! Friday night a cold front will come through and knock temps back to the 60s and 70s for Saturday and the 50s and 60s for Sunday. Not too shabby!

Temps look to rebound to the 60s and 70s for Monday and Tuesday as well.

If you have not done so, it is time to put down crab grass preventer fertilizer, especially Northern VA, MD, PA and NJ.

All for now!