Rain and a little mix this morning – Showers this afternoon. Light Mix for some Thursday Night. Winter Storm possible Saturday – Sunday!

The mixing was not that impressive overnight. I am again glad I had not hyped this event, though I was so busy i would not have been able to do much this time. The showery weather will persist today, but not as much rain. Cloudy and cool conditions. Tomorrow as the day progresses more rain will start to enter the picture. Again in the northern regions some ice could occur. This looks like more of a Maryland and maybe far northern Virginia.

The bigger threat appears this Saturday night as a low pressure approaches from the south after the cold air has better settled into the region.This is too early to tell, but snow does look to break out Saturday night with a mixing in the southern regions and possible changeover to rain, while north regions change to a mix east of 95. This could be the first significant snow of teh season for a large part of the area!

All for now!