possible snow/ rain chences in december…

well we have a few chnces at something( rain or snow).. coming up.

first: dec 16th – 18th: this looks to be more of an overrunning event, waves will track west to east along a front that SHOULD be south of us, with isentropic lift ahead of waves if we are cold enough we get snow, if the front doesnt go far enough south then we get rain, still tooo early to even have an idea, and models arent agreeing right now ( whats new ).

dec 19th-21st and dec 23rd-25th: these two are on the models, but at this time are too far away to even try to have an idea, like i always say… models will change many times before the event gets here, so we have no idea at this time, but there are the possiblitys

stay tuned: