Nuisnace wintry event – some to see decent snow

This is a tough forecast. I am inclined to be less enthusiastic about
snow chances and more sleet and rain. I think along I-95 north of
fredericksburg up to Baltimore and west about 25 miles a general
coating, to as much as 2 inches of slop (western border of that area)
will occur. The I-15 area north of charlottesville up in to maryland
could see 2 to 4 inches and areas of higher elevation along I-81 west
of charlottesville up into western Maryland could see totals of 3 to 5
inches. A slight change in storm dynamics and location could up totals
by 1 to 3 inches or drop them. This is not clear cut. Based on the
time of year a more snowy picture may occur than this.

Beyond this event a serious rain threatens the area Sunday into Monday
and flooding does seem possible.

All for now.

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